We love a good curve. They can make a room flow, soften any harshness and give the feeling of more space in a tight area. They definitely have their uses, but they’re bloody hard to create and they make many a cabinet maker tremble. Over the years we’ve made our fair share of mistakes, it’s the best way to learn, but it means we’ve managed to master and refine the art of curvy things.

So, what’s the secret to our curves? We’ve been inspired by old school boat-building traditions. Riffing off their curvaceous techniques, we construct multiple layers of thin high-grade plywood sandwiched together with polyurethane glue. Then comes a bit of magic with a foam former and a vacuum press. Once set, you could literally rest a car on these beauties (we haven’t tried this, but maybe we should?).

We have been known to chuck some tasty veneers around our curves and have them running right round our kitchens. That’s become one of our signature moves. We’re making it sound super-easy but, of course, it’s really not. It’s taken us years to get our skills tight. That’s why we’re more than a bit proud to show off our gorgeous curves.