Cornish artist Sophie Capron’s stunning work is all about our precious environment, focusing on how it’s always evolving. Her beautiful abstract pieces are especially poignant as she skilfully uses reclaimed materials that may not be easily recycled or disposed of. Based in Truro, Cornwall, Sophie relies on donated paint and other materials no longer needed by others, whether it’s the surplus material from a friend refurbishing their front room or a paint donation from a neighbour emptying their shed. Rather than see them literally go to waste, Sophie finds new life for them. She’s inspired by the adventure of revealing what lies beneath years of layered paint or wallpaper in old buildings.

As Sophie says:

‘The pavements we tread, the walls we lean on and the doors we walk through every day are in a continual state of evolution. Paint peels, wood rots, metal rusts and the processes of nature dominate. My art celebrates these processes and the layers of past they reveal.’

‘My thoughts on the environment and how we treat it are intrinsic to my practice. Creating beauty out of the disused or discarded is my passion and minimising waste is fundamental to all I do.’

Sophie’s most recent show ‘Time Reclaimed’ has been at Artwave West in Dorset. She has also recently co-founded the SMALL series which engages local communities with art through conversation and interaction.