We like to think we’re pretty clued-up when it comes to social media. It helps that we have some youngsters on the team that tell us what a ‘Mukbang’ is and why BeReal is so hip. But ultimately, we know our stuff, and life online is pretty great.

You’ll find our Instagram up to date with the day-to-day life at YEO and our LinkedIn buzzing with industry discussions, but our Youtube is the holy grail of all the unseen details of why we’re so handy at what we do and how we do it.

So, without further ado, here’s an introduction to our carefully curated series that you can find over on our Youtube.

Getting to Know YEO

Here is where you’ll hear it straight from our team. Find out how YEO started, what projects we have in the pipeline and what it’s really like to work at YEO. We’re not a shy bunch, so fire away. We’re happy to answer anything that’s thrown our way. 

Tech Series

We’ve invested years of experience and countless hours of development into our designs, but our tech series shares all of the complex details of our technical process. Sit down with our design team and listen to them talk through the projects we’re currently working on. See how we twisted a 1.5-ton steel staircase or how we created a bank of floating cabinetry inside a crittall wall.

What are YEO doing? 

It almost seems too simple but sometimes it’s the day-to-day activities that are the most interesting. From bending curved doors to completing our site surveys, what are YEO doing could be our most honest series yet as we catch our team in unexpected moments and ask them that very important question – what exactly are you doing? This series highlights the activities of not only our action-packed workshop team, but our technical design team, marketing team and the lives of our two directors. 

The Workshop Series

One that’s in the pipeline but if you want to see how skilled our team are with a chisel then sit back, relax and watch as the magic happens. See how we make our drawer boxes or steam bend spindles for a custom staircase. We like to share our processes and hear how others do theirs.

Enjoy our Youtube channel on your daily commute or sprawled out on your sofa. Give it a like and subscribe and we promise to deliver content that’s way better than your Tuesday night’s episode of Coronation Street.