No matter who you listen to, wood was here before we were. Fairly soon after we’d begun shuffling about the planet we started using it to poke things that we couldn’t reach and hit the things that kept poking us. We probably tried eating it when we couldn’t find any berries that didn’t make us froth at the mouth. One day it caught on fire, which would have been very exciting. It was a tool, a useful bit of kit. And then it became a commodity as we used it to make our environments safer and more stylish.

Wood is the original building material of our ancestral designers and it still hasn’t been bettered. Millenia flash past and while the wood stays the same, the designs it makes real evolve and the tools used to shape it improve. At YEO we use all of today’s cutting-edge (yep, that just happened) equipment to create the bespoke jaw-drop concepts that our customers soon come to realise are possible. But one tool remains unchanged. Undoubtedly the most useful tool in the history of the Earth, the human hand is still the most important bit of kit we have.

True, we use it less now for holding sharp and intricate wood shaping instruments and more for pushing buttons on the bits of tech with flashing lights in our workshop, but the tips of your fingers are just about the most sensitive area of animal flesh on this planet. And we use ours daily to feel the wood. Because that’s what it’s all about. Everybody does it. And if you stroke wood in a workshop as much as we do you will get splinters. About two each per month we reckon. It’s a bit like taking your work home with you, but in a good way.