We’re a glass of Korev half full gang here so while this has been a real git of a year in so many ways, we’re pretty lucky that it’s not been all bad. Right now should be a time to celebrate any wins, so raise a half-full toast with us and look back at all the good things that have happened in 2020. Here are a few of ours…   

    Going into lockdown#1, rather than the team surrendering everything we’d worked so hard to build up and retreating into our individual shells, we did exactly the opposite. We got the bit between our teeth, we carefully coordinated everyone’s home set-up and we worked even harder than we normally would to prove we couldn’t be beaten down. As it turned out, fate was on our side. Construction was the last industry to go into lockdown and the first out. Yes it was tough but we rode it like a really hard to ride thing that couldn’t throw us on to our arses. Yee-hah!
    We grew the team. Somehow in all of this we realised we had to take on three new people so we could keep up with the flow. Rob joined us as project manager, Stu became our new technical designer and Megan took on marketing. We now don’t know how we managed before they were here.
    We’ve had some proper amazing projects in our sturdy pipeline throughout 2020. The inevitable delays meant we were able to spend even more time refining our designs to take them to the next level. They’ve been all over our Instagram for the past few months – take a butchers…
    We entered the KBBReview Lockdown Design Competition and we only went and won! Our head of design, Scott, bagged first prize with his way-out kitchen design for a lighthouse conversion. Again, it’s all over our Instagram if you missed it…
    As well as our creative crayon kings honing their craft this year, Rob, our new project manager, bowled us all over with his prodigious passion for a right proper process. He spent all summer tidying our decks and stacking our cards in order. We’re now running like an even more oily slick machine than we were before.
    Or maybe the seaweed. In 2020, we’ve come to appreciate more than ever how lucky we are to live here in Cornwall. We’ve sponsored Bude Sea Pool which is a stone’s throw from our studio, and if we weren’t in there of a lunchtime, then we were taking in a quick run along the coastal cliffs here. We realise our London contingent don’t have quite the same daily perks, but they appreciate it all the more when they visit. So be warned, if you pay us a visit in 2021, you might want to bring your wetsuit…

Looking straight into the eyes of yet another uncertain year, we realise how lucky we are to be working in this industry. We’re more than merely thankful when we know how many others are struggling. So let’s all hope that we can steer through a 2021 that offers more positives for everyone.